Integrated logistics services


For any company, cleanliness is essential. The Assolog Group can complete all tasks professionally and with meticulous precision, to guarantee a high level of hygiene.

Every reputable company needs reliable cleaning services, in order to guarantee top standards of quality. The Assolog Group offers the ideal solution by leveraging its solid experience to meet every need of environmental hygiene.

A large company that always strives towards improvement, in implementing its own workforce and production, must necessarily be concerned with taking care of its working environment.

Attention to detail is the key to every step in your professional environment: for this reason, relying on the Assolog Group is always the ideal choice.

When carried out in large areas, such as those of a factory, cleaning must be scrupulously organised according to the characteristics of each building, by outlining a detailed programme and following each customer’s distinct requirements. Industrial cleaning services can commence following a detailed site inspection of the premises.

Standard corporate activities generate layers of particularly stubborn dirt: the Assolog Group is able to address any need, using the most suitable professional chemical products. All cleaning operations take place in full compliance with the regulations in force, also with the use of protective masks, as warranted. Our range of cleaning services include:

  • Window cleaning
  • Restroom cleaning
  • Change-room cleaning
  • Work area disinfection
  • Floor polishing

Yet, the Assolog Group knows how important it is not to interrupt work procedures. Thus, under no circumstances will cleaning work interfere with employees and their daily tasks. A dedicated schedule can be drafted by mutual agreement with the client in order to complete the required cleaning operations without causing any inconvenience.