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Maintenance of largeceramic-processing equipment

In order to guarantee excellent production, large ceramic-processing equipment requires detailed maintenance, hence why the Assolog Group—with its experience—is the ideal partner.

In order to guarantee high quality products, large ceramic-processing equipment requires constant professional maintenance. Entrusting the core of your work to the Assolog Group is the winning move that your business needs.

Anyone working in the ceramic industry knows how many challenges are faced on a daily basis.

Each day, industrial operators work to reduce the environment impact, keep average production costs under control and safeguard high standards of quality. Yet, every single production cycle puts a strain on the rotary elements of the machinery, affecting their stability, durability and efficiency.

By constantly updating its processed, the Assolog Group is able to propose the latest innovations in terms of maintenance techniques. The procedures implemented and the instruments at the disposal its expert staff help to counteract the harmful infiltrations of foreign particulate matter. This acts as a real shield for both liquid and air-borne particles.

Our Group’s focus is on our customers receiving routine and extraordinary maintenance services for their ceramic industry equipment. Rely on our team for advice and assistance, receiving a detailed explanation of the various actions to be implemented, including:

  • Electromechanical automation of obsolete and manual furnaces
  • Replacement of electrical resistors and temperature probes
  • Replacement of heat regulator controls
  • Combustion fume analysis
  • Burner adjustment
  • Repair or replacement of insulating materials
  • Calibration of thermocouples and measuring instruments
  • Routine and scheduled maintenance