Integrated logistics services


The Assolog Group offers its clients a reliable and professional industrial transport service. Thanks to its experience, the Company helps clients with distribution and transfer operations with the utmost efficiency

Safe, reliable and professional: the Assolog Group strives to maintain these three keywords in the field of transport, rendering its professionalism and experience at its clients’ disposal.

Moreover, industrial transport has always been fundamental to any business that wishes to grow and increase its value

The Assolog Group thus becomes a useful aid for reaching corporate goals. Due to the overall management of its business, transporting industrial products is one of the most important aspects to consider: widespread distribution, transfers to and from warehouses and replenishment of stocks as they are consumed (Kanban management) are aspects that every company should treat with particular care and efficiency. To do this, however, it is necessary to rely on a partner with a sizeable fleet of vehicles, able to offers the utmost guarantee in terms of experience and reliability. Thanks to its well-know quality and experience honed over the years, The Assolog Group also deals with—amongst other services—national and international land and sea transport, thanks to the many vehicles at its disposal.

For any company, having and managing a warehouse also means the need to take advantage of first-class transport services: hence, the possibility of entrusting the shipment and transport of its products to the Group. Indeed, Assolog can meet any kind of transport need, providing a fleet of modern and functional vehicles that can guarantee fast transport, including of sizeable loads.

The Company proposes itself as a partner for all commercial and industrial activities that require transport and logistics services of various kinds, along with large spaces for storing goods to improve distribution. In order to offer such a detailed and significant service, the Assolog Group relies upon an experienced and competent staff able to guarantee professionalism and satisfaction for every need.