Integrated logistics services


Industrial removals are complex operations that must be planned in detail. The Assolog Group is ready to satisfy every client request thanks to its reliance upon a complete and efficient fleet.

Fast time-frames, planning and expertise: moving entire industrial plants and warehouses requires different skills than those needed for non-commercial services. To offer such a service, it takes maximum professionalism and the ability to operate in the shortest possible time.

Thanks to a wide range of available vehicles and a competent staff, the Assolog Group is at the forefront in guaranteeing commercial moving services able to meet every need.

One unique aspect of commercial moving is re-establishing operational functionality in a very short time: eliminating any type of problem and allowing work to start up again as soon as possible has always been one of the evaluation criteria that determines service quality. Thanks to its fleet, the Assolog Group is a leader in the sector, capable of meeting every commercial moving need and guaranteeing maximum efficiency. Detailed planning is at the heart of every type of moving operation, and close cooperation with the client ensures the very best results. Forklifts, fork-lift trucks, external freight lifts, 3.5-tonne vans (to be operated with Class B driver’s licenses) or lorries that can be operated with Class C driver’s licenses are just some of the vehicles available for moving entire industrial plants and warehouses. Thanks to a fleet of this type, operations can be carried out at different times, including over the weekend. In particular, the handling of particularly heavy or bulky instruments or equipment is managed using special machinery.

Amongst the activities carried out by the Assolog Group there is also the move of offices and commercial condominiums of industrial plants. We propose a range of solutions, often tailor-made, to meet every client request. Commercial moving services are very different from their residential counterparts, and require well-planned operations with various priorities. Commercial moving services require an awareness of the shifts for the production lines, workshops, industrial machinery, archives and warehouses, with the operations to be carried out with great accuracy and skills.