Numbers and values

Responsibility, Training, Know-how, Respect


Our experience began in the mid-1970s and continues to grow to this day


So many clients have entrusted us with their needs and the list keeps growing.


What we do is not trivial and industrial but it is designed for those seeking a trust-worthy, unique and winning relationship.


Our identity is also the product of our desire to grow, to give space to knowledge and to continue moving forward, in a process of continuous enhancement.

Know How

The final result of our work is the product of entrepreneurial and industrial experiences that are unique in the world, given that we are aware of our capabilities and what we can give to others.


The way we relate with the world, with businesses, with people and with customers is derivative of a state of awareness that qualifies and certifies our know-how.

People at the centre

Why we are protagonists in the global market

In such a dynamic and highly globalised world, where cultural and life models tend to become increasingly homogeneous and uniform, trust becomes an important haven for those who need to compete and win their challenge with the future. Winning tomorrow means investing heavily in human value today, it means putting people at the centre, whether they are customers,

suppliers or internal and external staff, creating the close and inalienable bond that is a relationship of trust. Nothing is ever what it seems but it is the value that we know how to attribute to people that makes us a partner capable of promoting innovation with the awareness of those who have the ability and authority to do so.

Entrepreneurs by mission

Being an entrepreneur is not a mere linguistic expression but a way of being; a way of facing problems in a world undergoing swift and strong changes.

It can be said that we have existed for a lifetime, that our DNA is that of a company with a strong local roots, that put people at the centre, that has great awareness of corporate social responsibility and that makes continuous training and its know-how in the logistics sector its own set of beliefs.

We could also say that for us, knowledge is not only the direct expression of a process of assimilating know-how but it is a fundamental value that pervades our way of being, shapes our way of doing business and develops in our operation methodologies.

It is our values that we want to place at the forefront, those values that set us apart, that influence all we do, what we create and how we relate to others, becoming the founding values of our Company.

For us, responsibility, training, know-how and respect are the four cardinal points of our identity; it is on these that we have based our future.

Our mission

Our declaration of intent

By virtue of what we are, of what we represent and where we come from, our will and our commitment are those of promoting, disseminating and giving substance to the knowledge and experience that our entire organisational capacity is able to enact.

Our vision

Our corporate vision

Our corporate vision guides our business, or rather our way of working, of being, of behaving and of approaching the market to pursue a path of growth of sustainability and quality.

This means giving value and centrality to the relationships with people and businesses around us, that our activity is also and above all the result of our relationships, of what we have been and who we are today. We attach importance to:

people because we are an ideal workplace, where people are inspired and motivated to give their best;

services because we offer quality services that anticipate and satisfy the desires and needs of clients;

our partners because we create reciprocal and lasting value in a true WIN-WIN relationship with clients and suppliers;

knowledge because our attitude towards this aspect rests on the conviction that there is no presumed conflict of interests between economy and knowledge: in fact, no system can manage itself more economically and efficiently than science.

So as not to forget

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