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The workplace safety courses offered by the Assolog Group are fully certified, recognised by Public Entities and only taught by experts in their field.

The safety training courses organised by the Assolog Group are fully certified and recognised by Public Entities. Aside from often being mandatory, these course are of fundamental importance in order to work with peace of mind and in safety.

The State-Regions agreement of 21st December 2011 effectively made the provision of occupational health and safety courses mandatory in specific cases. In fact, this agreement specifies that companies are required to train their employees (fixed-term, full-time, on-call and seasonal) in a variety of ways.

As a professional, expert and competent partner, the Assolog Group organises general training (with fundamental topics common to all companies) and specific training (based on the level of risk that characterises the sector of competence).

Current legislation requires general training lasting 4 hours, in addition to specific modules, depending on the risk class: 4 hours for low risk, 8 hours for medium risk and 12 hours for high risk. Street vendors, restaurateurs, artisans, tour agents and merchants are considered as being low risk; farmers, breeders, transporters, public administration workers and teachers are medium risk; workers engaged in construction, chemistry and in the processing of hazardous substances generally are at high risk (to ascertain the level of risk to which your company belongs, it is best to rely on qualified professionals who are familiar with these matters).

The objective of the workplace safety courses is to inform workers of the risks, damages, prevention and protection measures, and of the rights and duties of the various corporate subjects. In addition, workers will become familiar with supervisory, control and assistance bodies, the organisation of corporate prevention, as well as risks and possible damages involved in various tasks, together with prevention and protection measures relating to the specific industrial sector at hand. All these subjects are of fundamental importance so as to operate in complete awareness.