Integrated logistics services

Forklift operators

The experienced forklift and forklift-truck operators employed by the Assolog Group are the ideal choice for warehouse and shipment management.

Being able to rely on qualified professionals is the primary need of every company. The Assolog Group offers the best in every business sector, with highly-experienced forklift operators who are the linchpin of the logistics field.

In offering a simple and concise definition of a forklift driver, we would say that it is a person in charge of handling merchandise using a forklift. Yet there is so much more to the simple definition.

The Assolog Group provides excellent forklift operators who can maneuver the forklift with extreme precision. The forklift is their main working tool, which must be operated with skills in order to handle merchandise in the shortest time possible. Forklift operation requires precise skills. Warehouse forklift operators, for example, are in charge of picking up merchandise from the warehouse. Their tasks include the loading of goods, the verification of their conditions, as well as the loading and sorting of incoming merchandise.

An experienced forklift operator can also be employed in the Production Department, an area requiring the loading and handling of production material. Forklift operators are expected to carefully study the best routes for rapid and safe operations—pre-established lines to facilitate reliable service during the entire work day.

But their tasks do not end aboard forklifts. In addition to being responsible for the load they carry, the Assolog Group forklift drivers work independently to take care of all the administrative requirements relative to the merchandise, be it incoming or outgoing. In this respect, the Group guarantees state-of-the-art systems operated by employees who leverage barcode readers, optical scanners, software for centralised warehouse management and numerous other IT tools to track merchandise handling.