Integrated logistics services


Amongst the services offered by the Assolog Group is the maintenance and care of corporate gardens. We are convinced that a well-kept garden provides workers with mental wellbeing, increasing their productivity.

Caring for the green spaces of a commercial condominium gives your business a completely different look. The Assolog Group has long been providing gardening and landscaping maintenance services that can bring new life to structures in need of care and attention.

Working in well-kept environments increases wellness and production. Thanks to the operations of a highly specialised staff, the Assolog Group takes care of green areas of commercial condominiums, dealing with all the aspects concerning gardening and maintenance.

A complete service, ranging from periodic mowing to extraordinary interventions and which includes—amongst the most important activities—special treatments for plants requiring additional care. Green spaces and gardens in commercial condominiums represent a vital space for workers who, to take a breather, can spend a few hours in a well-kept environment that conveys the idea of wellbeing. A well-kept garden regenerates body, mind and spirit. It has great benefits on productivity.

For years now, the largest multinationals have been offering green spaces to their employees. Research into the behaviour and performance of workers emphasised how having a well-kept relaxation area can yield many benefits. Sharing such spaces makes it possible to improve connections between employees; it is a useful place for putting one’s thoughts in order and to find the right solution that often does not materialise when lacking space. The Assolog Group hopes to convey all of these benefits through its meticulous and professional work. To achieve these goals, the Assolog Group relies on the services of select nurseries.

Finally, there is the possibility of studying specific solutions for areas requiring extra attention. The Assolog Group is available to address any discrete landscaping needs.