"The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones."

For companies, logistics today can be a big risk factor. The problems to be faced are manifold, ranging from personnel management and training to the storage of goods, through to dispatching merchandise within deadlines that are increasingly tighter in the market. We are used to working in such contexts, facing problems in a rational way: one problem at a time.


Logistics is a complex universe comprised of various processes that must be integrated with any company’s industrial activity. We are talking about warehouse management, including the certified and qualitative control of the merchandise. We govern all the processes in their entirety.


Our associates and staff operated have long operated in a corporate context, fortified by our training courses that are certified and recognised by Public Entities.


Entrepreneurs by trade.

Being an entrepreneur is not a mere linguistic expression but a way of being; a way of facing problems in a world undergoing swift and strong changes.

Market leader

Being in tune with the market means being able to anticipate corporate schedules and demands. To achieve these goals, we fully recognise the opportunities that digital transformation brings us, always applied to the market’s dynamics and actual needs.


Know-how relies on experience built in the field, over time and on the basis of situations, facts, events, cases, solutions and problems managed over time and throughout the years. We have been in business for 50 years.

Below is our service list

Assolog is a merchandise handling cooperative operating independently by integrating collateral activities into its industrial processes, providing complete high-quality and professional services, guiding companies towards the outsourcing of entire and complete business functions

Porterage services

Through its professional porterage service, the Assolog Group is able to handle goods and documents, being at the service of companies and their needs.

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Forklift operators

The experienced forklift and forklift-truck operators employed by the Assolog Group are the ideal choice for warehouse and shipment management.

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Cleaning company

For any company, cleanliness is essential. The Assolog Group can complete all tasks professionally and with meticulous precision, to guarantee a high level of hygiene.

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Maintenance of large ceramic-processing equipment

In order to guarantee excellent production, large ceramic-processing equipment requires detailed maintenance, hence why the Assolog Group—with its experience—is the ideal partner.

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Condominium management

The maintenance of commercial condominiums offered by the Assolog Group renders it possible to combine all ordinary and extraordinary activities under a single strength. A great way to reduce costs and make the most of the work environment.

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Gardening services

Amongst the services offered by the Assolog Group is the maintenance and care of corporate gardens. We are convinced that a well-kept garden provides workers with mental wellbeing, increasing their productivity.

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Transportation services

The Assolog Group offers its clients a reliable and professional industrial transport service. Thanks to its experience, the Company helps clients with distribution and transfer operations with the utmost efficiency.

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Moving services

Industrial removals are complex operations that must be planned in detail. The Assolog Group is ready to satisfy every client request thanks to its reliance upon a complete and efficient fleet.

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Logistics outsourcing

The logistics outsourcing offered by Assolog allows clients to reduce business costs and streamline their infrastructure so as to focus on production and commercial matters.

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Workplace safety

The workplace safety courses offered by the Assolog Group are fully certified, recognised by Public Entities and only taught by experts in their field.

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Training services with certification

Fortified by its experience in integrated logistics services, the Assolog Group offers professional training courses in the industrial, logistics and transport sectors recognised by the Region.

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Radio frequency services

For logistics management of the warehouse, the Assolog Group offers an innovative radio frequency service. The advantages? Greater speed and efficiency combined with a reduced margin of error.

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