Integrated logistics services

Logistics outsourcing

The logistics outsourcing offered by Assolog allows clients to reduce business costs and streamline their infrastructure so as to focus on production and commercial matters.

What is outsourcing? It is a service that is increasingly present in business strategies and one that the Assolog Group has long been offering its clients.

Then what is logistical outsourcing? It is an operation by which a company entrusts a logistics partner with the execution of certain operations on its own goods, rather than carry them out directly with its staff and at its own headquarters.

Outsourcing logistics to a third party offers several advantages: choosing a single manager able to coordinate and integrate the different phases of the logistics process brings with it reductions in cost and the opportunity to offer more efficient services to customers. On a practical level, the Assolog Group receives the products from the client, stores them, receives information about shipment, prepares and sends the goods (or delivers them to the courier) and completes all the required documentation.

Logistics outsourcing is currently in constant development. Companies are increasingly interested in outsourcing even operations such as order preparation and/or warehouse management, choosing a specialised and expert partner to guarantee optimal results and flexibility in operations.

With knowledge of and extensive experience in the sector, the Group is able to provide services top-quality services, with meticulous attention to details and flexibility in terms of changes in volume and customisation of delivery conditions. This is in addition to a high degree of efficiency in storage, batch preparation, transport and distribution phases, given that efficiency is the main advantage offered by logistics outsourcing, together with the achievement of savings in management costs (and thus with greater savings for the company that decides to outsource), the reduction of issues related to personnel management, and the quality guaranteed by relying on a specialised company, both in terms of technology and human resources.