Integrated logistics services

Condominium management

The maintenance of commercial condominiums offered by the Assolog Group renders it possible to combine all ordinary and extraordinary activities under a single strength. A great way to reduce costs and make the most of the work environment.

As in all major European countries, the maintenance of commercial condominiums is becoming increasingly common in Italy. This aspect often goes underestimated, yet it also increases the daily wellbeing of workers, in addition to promoting production. The Assolog Group is at the forefront in ensuring the best and taking care of every aspect.

One of the aspects that allow companies or commercial activities to optimise their resources is to carry out their functions in a healthy and well-outfitted environment, without interference from unexpected variables (technical failures, unusable premises, etc.).

The maintenance of commercial condominiums means having all the services at your disposal and, thus, improving the working environment. It is a useful, effective and complete service that guarantees maintenance of infrastructure, the sewers, masonry and fencing. The entire commercial condominium is maintained down to smallest detail to allow workers to operate in a healthy and welcoming environment.

The service offered by the Assolog Group is not limited only to infrastructure, but also to maintenance of common spaces. Green areas and gardens can be taken care of and manicured all year round, so as to allow workers to enjoy the spaces, even if only when taking a break to recharge the batteries. But what truly makes the difference and sets the offering apart from the competition is the technical maintenance of electrical, radio and TV systems. Thanks to the Assolog Group, the work activities are never subject to slowdowns or stoppages due to a technical failure. In this way, continuity is guaranteed to all the commercial activities, a fundamental factor that makes the Group a market leader.

Equally important is the wellness and peaceful coexistence of workers who, in the commercial condominium, must be able to carry out their activities without additional stress. This is why stair cleaning and lift maintenance are important for commercial properties. The services offered by the Assolog Group significantly contribute to the wellness and to the potential development of activities.